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As the only association-based cooperative in the lobster industry, we know our lobster. After all, we’re run by a group of men and women who have been lobstermen for generations. That means we value shipping the highest quality product to your door.

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Another key ingredient for Lobster 207? Our deep appreciation for sustainability in our industry. As true Stewards of the Sea, we want to ensure there is a healthy lobster population to enjoy for decades to come.
  • Reproduction

    At the heart of lobster sustainability is protecting the female lobster population, which means any reproducing female with eggs is always thrown back in the water. Allowing full reproduction cycles establishes the future of lobstering.

  • Generational fishing

    Lobster fishing is a family business here in Maine, handed down from generation to generation. We’re proud to know that our lobstermen also hand down the best practices of sustainability and following catching regulations to a “T.”

  • Conservation Law

    State-mandated laws including trap limits, limited lobster fishing licenses, and size restrictions provide legal and sustainable lobster harvesting here in Maine. These conservation laws also protect the future of the Maine lobstering industry.

Connie H.
Maine to Texas

Friends of ours from Damariscotta, Maine sent us lobsters to celebrate Pete’s homecoming after 7 months of hospitalization. We now live in S. Texas (formerly from Boothbay). The lobsters were fresh and wonderful—just like the fresh caught we were used to! Packed perfectly. We loved them!!!

Brian K.
Fresh Maine Lobster Delivery

Everything all the other reviews said was true. I ordered 10lbs on Thursday, showed up Friday early afternoon, ate Friday night. The lobster was amazing. Everybody absolutely loved them. We will definitely be ordering more sometime soon. Probably a lot more since now my entire family has heard us talking about how good they were they want in too!

Kelly D.
Maine to Maui, HI

I recently had lobsters shipped to Maui, HI from Maine. It was shipped UPS next day air and the lobsters showed up live in perfect condition. The box was well packaged protecting the lobsters during travel, included cooking instruction, and in the end tasted amazing! My whole family had a great experience.

Nichole M.
Maine to Illinois

The delivery was amazing and the lobsters were delicious! I had them shipped to Illinois and our family was in heaven!