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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: No. Due to the nature of shipping a live product all sales are final. We can adjust the delivery date and other details.

Q: Can I change my delivery date?

A: We cannot always guarantee that we can change to your requested date, but we will do our best to accommodate it. You can contact us at with your request.

Q: Can I add products to my order?

A: We are not able to add products to an order once it has been processed in our system, you will have to place an additional order.

Q: I forgot to use my coupon code. Can I apply it now?

A: Unfortunately, no, once the order has been processed in the system, we cannot add the coupon codes.

Q: Can I change my delivery/shipping address?

A: Yes, email us at and give us the new address and we are able to make that change for you.

Q: One of my lobsters arrived dead. What do I do?

A: We recommend that you cook all lobsters when they arrive. Cook the dead lobster separately if the tail curls then it is still safe to eat. If you send us a picture of the dead lobster (after it has been cooked) as well as the box that it was delivered in to we can refund you the cost of the dead one.

Q: Are “Halves” only half of a lobster?

A: No, Halves is the term used by the Lobstermen. It is a lobster that weighs between 1.49 and 1.73 pounds.

Q: I never received my tracking/confirmation number?

A: Your tracking number is not generated until your order is packed and shipped (the day before your delivery date) at that time you will receive an email with your tracking information. If you do not receive the tracking information you may contact us the day before delivery and we will be able to provide it to you.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A:  Refunds will be processed in certain situations, such as dead or damaged product. Please see our Refund Policy

Q: My lobsters were delivered, and they are underweight?

A: Lobsters will lose some water weight in transit. All of our lobsters are weighed in pounds on industrial certified scales. If you are weighing your lobsters at home, please calibrate your scale and be sure you are weighing in pounds not ounces.

Q: I received an email from UPS stating that my shipping label was generated days before my delivery date, does that mean that my lobsters were packed and sitting in a box for days before being delivered?

A: No. Your lobsters are always picked and packed the day before your delivery date.

Q: I received my order of Steamers, the shells are open and and they have  black in them. Is this normal?

A: Steamers are a soft-shell clam, the shells will not completely close as the black siphon (black neck – sticking out) prevents this. They are open to slightly open, although there is a thin membrane that is covering this opening. Simply squeeze the clam lightly. Look carefully, if it moves its’ neck inward toward the shell(if the neck is present) then it is alive. If it doesn’t have a neck but you find that the steamer starts to shut its shell closer together, then it is alive as well. These clams are perfectly acceptable to cook and eat. They may experience some breakage in the transportation process.

Q: How do I clean my clams?

A: Sometimes it can be tricky to purge the clams and remove all of the sand and grit, as they live in muddy sand. The best way is to use seawater, you can recreate this by using 1/3 cup sea salt (not iodized salt, not rock salt) to half-gallon of non chlorinated water. Submerge the clams completely and let them soak for up to one hour. That should do the trick.