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Maine Lobster Wholesaler Industries

Grocery Chains

No matter where your grocery stores are located throughout the country, you can rest assured knowing that each and every one will have the same high quality lobster. Order wholesale lobster packs for the best quality at the best price.

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Cruise Ships

Did someone say lobster night? Serve your guests the freshest lobster directly from the waters of Maine and they won’t think about missing dinner that night! We’ll make it easy by shipping directly to your port of call for easy loading.

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Lobster Food Trucks

Food Trucks

Space is limited on your food truck, and that’s why direct shipment is the perfect way to get your fresh ingredients. Fresh live lobster shipped directly from Maine lobstermen will keep your customers coming back day after day.

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Wholesale Lobster for Restaurants


Fresh, high quality ingredients only enhance your menu and keep your patrons happy. Get 5-star reviews and return customers by serving fresh lobster directly from Maine lobstermen. Plus, you’ll save with our wholesale pricing.

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