2 (1.25lb) Lobsters and 2Lbs of Maine Steamer Clams.

$125.00 $100.00
Combo Pack… Our Tender & Sweet Clams are dug daily by local Maine Clam Diggers! We hand pick only the finest clams for shipment sourced right here in Maine. Paired with two fresh Maine lobsters how can you go wrong! 2lbs of Fresh Maine Steamer Clams and 2 (1.25lb) lobsters! Live Maine lobster is hand-caught off the coast of Maine. During certain times of the year, the catch will vary. We work hard to sort through to deliver exactly what you ordered. At times, when the catch is limited, we have to get creative. We always select in your favor and you will receive the weight in lobster that you have ordered. Rest assured, your lobster experience will be amazing.

2lbs Maine Steamer Clams

2.5 lb pack (2 1.25lb) live Maine Lobster

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