Got Whales


Proceeds go to the Sustainable Maine Fishing Foundation & the Lobstermen's Legal Defense Fund

 Got Whales? NOT in the GULF OF MAINE!!!!

The Maine Fishing Industry is being attacked from many angles! Fishermen are hardworking, trustworthy, independent people – some might describe us as the “salt of the earth”.

Our days start early, sometimes before dawn. When our day ends, we like to go home to our family. Many of us don’t say much – men of few words you would say.

We don’t like asking for help – but help is exactly what we need….your help.

Offshore Wind, North Atlantic Right Whale Regulations, and Industrialized Aquaculture are the 3 things tearing up our industry and dividing our waters. Threatening our Industry, our livelihoods, and our way of life.

We have federal lawsuits defending the iconic Maine Lobstering industry in Washington D.C. This is costing the hard-working fishermen hundreds of thousands of dollars. All proceeds from the sale of these shirts goes directly to this fund.

The Lobstermen thank you for your support!

Shirt Color: White

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