Live Maine lobster is hand-caught off the coast of Maine. During certain times of the year the catch will vary. We work extremely hard to sort through and deliver exactly what you ordered, and deliver the highest quality lobster. All lobsters are weighed in pounds. The number of lobsters in a shipment may vary based on the individual weight of each lobster. Rest assured, your lobster experience will be amazing!

A note about pricing

Choose from our always live lobster packs or lobster meat options below. Due to the nature of sourcing and delivering live products, please understand that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Your lobsters are being delivered on Friday, and you don’t want to cook them until Monday… what do you do??

Blanch them! You can have your lobsters delivered prior to the date of any event. Blanching will allow you to store the lobsters in the refrigerator or freezer until needed.

They will still taste like they were just caught!! Want to learn how?

Check out our instructions!

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